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- Corona and cousins -


20th of March 2020. Leeds, UK, Earth.

Today there was no arguing, there were actually barely words. That’s what happens after a big fight or, as in this case, two big fights. We’ve crossed in the corridor a couple of times, but we’ve been politely ignoring each other…well, I think that’s what I’ve done and what I feel comfortable thinking she’s done as well.

She is better at letting go. She is better at not holding hard feelings. She is just better.

I’ve video called two of my cousins just now. One of them is really my cousin and the other is really my cousin’s daughter. But as there’s no known word that describes what me and the daughter are to each other, I labelled her as a cousin. Having cousins is as nice as being someone’s cousin. In order to be someone’s cousin it is expected that one must have some cousins of ones own. I have 17 cousins and 5 daughters and sons of cousins who I consider cousins as well.

Cousin’s daughter number 1 has agreed to give me piano lessons during this period of isolation. She is self taught. She will teach me herself so I won’t be self taught; I will just be taught.

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