Hi there,

My name is Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch; I’ve got a long, aristocratic sounding name, but I’m not royalty. It was my great grandad’s idea to get a double barreled surname. Apparently it was cool back in the day, in the nineteen forties.
In spite of being the target of infinite jokes at school, endless mispronunciations and countless questions about family history, I do think it’s a cool surname. Then my dad had the delicacy to marry my mum, whose surname is Bosch, short and cute, giving me a long pretentious surname followed by an austere one. Perfect match!


I grew up in Barcelona. Beautiful! 

Yes, I know.

There, I studied many things for many years. Probably the most remarkable subject of my many years of studying was my degree in Journalism at the Ramón Llull University. Then I moved to England - because nowadays you’re nobody if you don’t live abroad for a good while - to study a BPA in Contemporary Dance at the Northern School of - guess what - Contemporary Dance.
And after so much studying, I was more lost than found.


The era of specialization had me convinced of spending the rest of my life maybe not studying, but getting better at only one thing. And so it wasn’t until I got revolutionary - oh yeah - and started to let go of labels, that I decided to fool around with my skills. They aren’t many but are varied; singing, acting, dancing, artistic rollerskating, writing, performing, teaching, collaborating, milk frothing... and any appealing combinations when on a creative high.