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- Beasts -

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A monster; too big to defeat on your own. Too big to be hidden under the bed, darling. Your fear scared us all. So many questions asked. So few answers back.

Let’s keep the status quo; no monster talk. There’s a fat, green, brain eater, a smelly monster sitting in the living room. So what?

Its eyes shine; greedy for fear, shame and anxiety. It just wants to be the centre of attention, let’s look the other way. ‘Who has seen the last season of Stranger Things?’ - some monsters are easier to discuss than others.

If it gets really bad and the monster swallows you up, maybe then we should mention it… nothing excessive, just for courtesy’s sake.

I had a little purple monster as a roommate once. It was quiet most of the time. Then, one day, it wouldn’t shut up. Ignoring it made it fatter. So, we conversed. I introduced him to my family, some good friends and a designated councillor. We eventually became friends, sort of. Once I got to know it and understand it, he walked off; backpacking through South America, I guess.

Back to the green monster, that fellow is proper big; you, only tiny. It must get really heavy on your back. I’m sorry I didn’t offer to carry it sometime. I was away, geographically. I was scared and I still am. I saw its claws crawling from behind your ears and it got me. I don’t want my monster back, not even for a quick catch up.

I’m sorry that I pitied you. I’m sorry that distancing was my choice. I’m sorry I didn’t stand strong by your side. I’m sorry I couldn’t look the fat, green, brain eater, that smelly monster, straight in the eyes.

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